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The World of Wayfarers

The age of empires has seemingly come to an end. Many believed that the empire of Nerath, founded by humanity and raised up as a beacon of hope for all of the civilized races, would last forever. They were wrong, and a hundred long years have passed since mighty Nerath broke apart. In its wake uncounted dozens of scattered kingdoms formed, grew, traded, fought, died and rose again, dotting the landscape with settlements and leaving behind the scars of failure in the form of ruins. Clustered near Nerath’s eastern shore, the Five Cities stood firm, offering the hope that civilization might one day again spread across the land and again unite its peoples under a banner of empire, but this hope was never to be realized.

The oldest records of contact between the Five Cities and the gnolls come from texts taken from the eldadrin city of Bastillia, and they refer to the hyenamen as “the cynocephali”. Later and less erudite tongues would cut to the heart of the matter and identify the gnoll horde as “the Demonruck”. Degenerate gnoll bands, worshippers of the demon lord Yeenoghu, swept in from the west in ever-increasing numbers, hungry for war and blood. Small raids against outlaying areas eventually gave way to full-scale sieges against each of the Five Cities. The civilized races attempted to mount an allied defense, but the Demonruck seemed inexhaustible; with each terrible victory the horde grew larger as more gnolls arrived to replace their fallen brothers and madmen, demons and undead horrors joined in the slaughter.

As each of the Five Cities eventually fell to the ravages of the Demonruck, refugees streamed towards the temporary safety of the east. Finally the siege came to Tostlin, the easternmost port of the Five Cities. Remembering tales from fallen Nerath that spoke of a land across the ocean, ship after ship began sailing towards the rising sun carrying as many as they could hold. Many never returned, but several came back to carry more of the desperate survivors, and they brought word of a new settlement founded upon the far shore at the end of the journey. The settlers named their new community Sojourn, and it is in this place that they must make their fortune or perish.

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