Drogus Forgetender


Drogus Forgetender is an elderly priest of Moradin living in the community of Sojourn. Originally serving in the same capacity in Runedar, Drogus retired from service due to his advanced age. His return to service was prompted by the lack of priests available to lead the faithful of Moradin in Sojourn after so many of the priesthood died during the Demonruck invasion.

Although Drogus Forgetender’s precise age is unknown, he is considered to be extremely elderly for a dwarf. His hearing is poor, his vision is worse, his legs are all but useless, and common wisdom holds that he may be somewhat senile. Still, he holds some of the authority of Moradin, and so the faithful generally defer to his pronouncements.

Drogus Forgetender appeared in Chapter 001.

Drogus Forgetender

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