Goblin It Up!

In which the party triumphantly returns to Sojourn, and a new menace rears its tiny head.

Upon returning to Sojourn from the lizardfolk temple Svernixen, Bronn Thunderhoof, Mstislav, Nadarr and Thogal Faithhammer were greeted at the city gates by Lieutenant Sesar of the town guard and Boggy Carter. Sesar informed the returning adventurers that he had been instructed to bring them immediately to meet with Shadis Narleem and the town council. Boggy, in the meantime, was simply overjoyed to be reunited with Daisy, his mule. Thogal requested that Lieutenant Sesar allow the party time to bathe and make themselves presentable before meeting with the council, which the dragonborn lieutenant grudgingly allowed.



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