Chapter 004: The Stone Library

In which the party wrests knowledge from the stones of Svernixen.

Continuing their exploration of the section of the temple Svernixen known as the Root of the Sky, Thogal Faithhammer, Nadarr, Mstislav and Bronn Thunderhoof followed a long hallway until it terminated at a large door. Opening the door, the party was confronted by a room with doors set in the walls on all four of the its sides, guarded by a pair of fire-breathing beetles the size of children and more animated skeletal lizardfolk. As the adventurers rushed to battle the guardians they uncovered yet another feature of the room: Sections of the floor contained traps designed to impale those that stepped on them with upthrusting spears. Although Thogal was injured in such a trap and several members of the party were seriously burned by the fiery breath of the beetles, the fight was a brief one and the heroes triumphed.

After a quick search of the room, the party opened one of the three remaining doors. This opened into a storeroom that the okopipi had used to hold prisoners awaiting sacrifice, but the opening of the door triggered the simultaneous opening of the door opposite it, and the room was soon filled with a violent battle as giant bats and frogs of unusual size rushed in to attack the adventurers. Defeating the beasts, the party checked the room and discovered that the corpse of one of the frog priests’ former prisoners still bore the magic armor that it had worn in life. Not at all disgusted by the prospect of wearing armor in which a body had decomposed, Thogal Faithhammer claimed this armor for himself.

Finally faced with the one remaining door, the party rolled it open to face the horrors beyond it. In a massive series of rooms covered from floor to ceiling in script written in the language of dragons and featuring a massive pool of boiling blood set into the floor, the heroes were faced with a large number of animated skeletons, okopipi warriors and their undead leader. The party faced off against the skeletons, who proved much stronger than the weaker undead that they had faced earlier, but Bronn Thunderhoof managed to break past their defenses. Rushing across the room, he hurled himself across the pool of boiling blood and landed safely on the far side to attack the leader of the okopipi. The undead leader proved quite powerful, however, and he magically drove fear into Bronn’s heart, nearly causing the young warrior to fall into the pool of boiling blood in his haste to escape. Fortunately for him, Mstislav, Nadarr and Thogal destroyed the skeletons and made short work of the okopipi, allowing them to aid their ally. Together, the group brought down the undead master of the Root of the Sky.

Examining the room, Thogal Faithhammer recognized that the pool of blood acted as the focal point of a magical ritual that would allow the caster to summon up the available knowledge held within the stone library. With the aid of his fellows, Thogal enacted the ritual and called up the information that he sought, learning of a plant that grew within the swamp that could be used to treat the illness that had afflicted the people of Sojourn.

With their hard-won knowledge secure, the heroes exited Svernixen and returned to the company of their lizardfolk guide Ssrasha.

XP: 525 per character (1529 total)



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